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Board member


Developed skills

  • Building circular logistic flow from scratch, incl. tagging & tracking, distribution, washing & repair processes, KPI tracking, etc.
  • Management & leadership of 35 people with 8 direct reporting mid-managers.
  • Company building – everything from organisational structure, fundraising, team building, strategy & budgeting.
  • B2B partnerships and B2C sales.
  • Expansion & GTM strategy.

Hack Your Closet was the largest data-driven clothing subscription service in the Nordics reducing consumers’ climate footprint by 97%.

Grew the company to 45 employees in 2 European markets and raised 3M USD.

Responsible for operations & logistics, HR management, B2B partnerships,
sustainability strategy, and reporting to the Board of Directors.

We operated a reverse logistics flow where customers got a box of clothing every month, matching their style preferences, and that they got to enjoy for one month before returning the clothes. They were washed, quality controlled, repaired and packed to the next customer.

Sustainable premium razors made out of zinc.



Developed skills

    • Budgeting for growth in an e-commerce business.
    • Digital marketing strategy – basics.
    • Launch of new products.
    • B2B sale channels.