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Founder as a service

Mikaela works at small- to medium-sized companies as a founder, meaning she can do a bit of everything in a company-building journey. A generalist. No onboarding is needed. She will quickly identify where there is room for improvement or what needs to be prioritised to scale the company or to finish a project, and get to work.


I can help you with

Business Modelling.
Operational Structure for Scale.
Logistics & Partnerships.
Go to Market Strategy.
Pitching & Fundraising.
Sustainability Communication & LCA.


I can help you with

Launching Accelerators.
Organise Events.
Transition from Linear to Circular Business Models.
Start a New Venture.
Analyse the Potential and Try Out New Business Models.


I can help you with

New business models.
Circular/Reverse logistics.
Circular fashion.

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